[S01749] Caltagirone City Cemetery Record

[S01795] Marriage Record

[S01797] Massachusetts Vital Records CD

[S01752] Church Records

[S01754] Commonwealth of Massachusetts

[S01800] Mayflower Source Records

[S01802] New York State Death Certificate

[S01757] Death Certificate

[S01759] Einhard: The Life of Charlemagne

[S01805] New York State Marriage License

[S01762] Genealogies of Mayflower Families

[S01808] p 152

[S01810] Records of Barnstable, Mass

[S01765] Genelogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New Englane

[S01813] seiler.FTW

[S01815] SEILER.ged

[S01769] History of Fairfield

[S01771] LDS Microfilms

[S01817] Social Security Application

[S01820] Terminit Church Records

[S01775] LDS Microfilms

[S01822] Vital Records of Carver

[S01824] Vital Records of Plympton

[S01778] LDS Microfilms

[S01780] LDS Microfilms

[S01735] Ancestral File (R)

[S01782] LDS Microfilms 1714142 doc 5

[S01830] Vital Records of Wakefield, MA compiled by Thomas Baldwin

[S01785] LDS Microfilms 1714142 doc 98

[S01788] LDS MicrRoll 1714031 Doc 391

[S01745] Baptismal Record Cattedrale St. Giuliano, Caltagirone

[S01792] Marriage Bonds, 1763 - 1849

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